Podcast: Toad the Wet Sprocket – New Constellation

So I’m trying something new this week. Instead of having a written review of Toad the Wet Sprocket’s new album, New Constellation (which has yet to be officially released), my friend Chris and I decided to try a podcast instead. If I get enough positive responses from this I may do it more in the future, but I need your feedback!

New ConstellationAnyway, here’s a little background on the album. This is the first album of all new material from TTWS since 1997. Having already recorded the album with their own money, they started a Kickstarter campaign to fund promotion and distribution of the album (since they are doing this without a label). Having donated some money to the campaign, both Chris and I received advanced digital copies of the album a few weeks ago, which is how we were able to review it before it has officially come out.

In the podcast we talk about the album and a lot of other things regarding TTWS, especially about what has been going on with the band since they broke up in 1998. I’ll be honest and say that what you hear is what we said, meaning not much editing went into the final product, and we did it with one mic (if this becomes a thing I will invest in better audio). Also, it’s quite long. About 45 minutes…all about Toad. You’ve been warned.

I hope you enjoy what you hear, and please leave some feedback about whether you’d like this to be a thing in the future.


-J. Frisch