Looking Back on the Past, and Forward to the Future

I can easily say that 2012 has been a pretty good year for me, both musically and personally. On the personal side, I got my Master’s degree, moved from Kansas back to New Jersey, got a teaching job, and have pretty much re-established my social life back in NJ. I also maintained this blog, and though not as regularly as I originally planned, I still find it impressive that I’ve not let this die. And even more impressive is the fact that total strangers have read this blog and really enjoyed my writing.

On the music side of things, a lot was going on. Though I did not purchase a lot of newly released material (13 albums to be exact), I continued to expand my musical palette and continued to delve further into the back catalogs of artists I do like. I’ve also continued to build my vinyl collection (through record stores and raiding my parents’ collection), and now that I have a working turntable, I’m actually able to listen to them (Little Feat‘s Waiting For Columbus is playing as I type). My now former band, New Inhabitants, was able to record and release a 5 song EP within the span of a few months, and I’ve been starting to reconnect with old bandmates here in NJ with the hope something might happen. I was extremely successful at camp this summer, helping teens become better musicians and exposing campers and counselors to music, and learning about some artists I’ve never heard of before. And of course there were the concerts that I experienced (at least 10 2012into2013-resize-380x300of them, not sure on the exact number), all of which were pretty great.

So now that 2012 is pretty much in the books, and the world did not end, it’s time to look forward to 2013.

How many concerts will I be seeing this year? The move back to the NYC metro area has already yielded more opportunities to see shows, but my work schedule hampers my ability to see shows during the week. While it hasn’t totally stopped me from seeing a midweek show (saw two in the same week back in October), it’s definitely making me think twice about what shows I get tickets for. Currently I have one show lined up for next year (Cake in Montclair, NJ), and it’s pretty likely that I will be seeing The Black Crowes in April. Beyond those two shows, nothing else is planned, but knowing me, there will be many in the next year for me to experience.

What albums will I procure? Beyond a possible new Toad the Wet Sprocket album and the upcoming Sacred Steel supergroup album, Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers, I’m not actually sure what to expect in the coming year. Hopefully it will be a good year of music, but currently I have no idea what to expect.

How much music will I play? I guarantee I will be playing music this next year, but in what capacity, how often, and with who, are all big ????s. Only time will tell I guess.

And finally, what will happen to this blog and what it will look like over the course of the next 12 months? My hope is that I will still be able to post on a fairly regularly basis, though my life as a teacher has definitely gotten in the way of my writing consistently, as well as sucking the life out of my drive to do anything productive when I get home from work. But as long as there are things for me to write about (or for me to want to write about), I will find a way to write.

Thanks again to everyone who has read this blog with some regularity. It’s been really fun, thus far, and I hope to continue doing it well into next year.

Have a healthy and happy New Year!



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