An (Old) Interview with Snüzz + A Note

A few years back, I was working with a friend of mine on a website called Slideshow Radio. My job was to find and interview independent bands and artists that I thought deserved more exposure. Unfortunately, due to other life commitments and events, the site never really took off, and I only managed to interview four bands/artists, and only three of the interviews were published. The fourth interview is what this post is all about.

Snüzz is an incredibly talented musician from North Carolina who has never really gotten the big break he deserved. Though he is good friends with Ben Folds, even touring with him in 2001, success has always seemed to elude him. A few years ago, he was dealt an extremely hard blow when he was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive type of cancer, almost destroying his ability to play music. Thankfully, with the help of his friends (including Folds), he was able to cover the cost of his medical bills and is currently in remission.

In 2010, I was traveling through the United States and was going to be stopping in Greensboro to visit my uncle. Snüzz and I had had some contact previously, and I decided to ask if I could interview him when I was in town. He graciously said that I could, and for an hour we sat and talked. Though I worked on editing the interview for several months, my friend and I both did not have the time or energy to finish it (he was in business school and I was teaching full time), so it got shelved.

Until today.

The interview runs about 33 minutes, but includes clips of a bunch of his songs, which I have listed, in order of appearance, below the audio. Even though I’m sure most of you have no clue who Snüzz is, after listening to this interview you will, and hopefully will become a fan of his. I hope you enjoy.

Tracks heard:
Snüzz – “Amplify” from Harper
Snüzz – “Somewhere Out There” from Snüzz
Snüzz – “The One Piece Band” from The One Piece Band
International Orange – “The Worst In You” (demo)
Snüzz – “Creating Something” from Snüzz
Snüzz – “Lemonade” from Snüzz
International Orange – “Fayetteville” from Spoon Box

A Note About Upcoming Blog Posts for the Summer
Due to the fact that I am working full time at a sleep-away camp this summer (Appel Farm Arts Camp), there is a good chance I will not be able to post entries on a weekly basis. My hope is to have two each month, but that might be a stretch as well, and if I do post, they may be much more brief than usual. I am hoping to have a few guest columnists during this time, but that is up in the air as well. I am planning on continuing the weekly posting after the summer, so do not fret too much. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you continue reading.


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