Music Resolutions for 2012

I decided to put together a quick New Year’s Resolution list in regards to music for my last post of 2011. Nothing super special, but I’ve never done one just for music before, so hopefully I can adhere to the list. Here we go.

  1. Listen to all bands that people recommend with an open mind. I always want to find out about new bands, but sometimes have a hard time getting into bands without bias. However, I have been getting better about it, and hopefully will continue the trend this coming calendar year. Now that Spotify exists, this shouldn’t be hard to do.
  2. Use up my iTunes credit. I have like $50+ for iTunes, but almost never buy anything on there because I like having a physical copy, usually in CD form. Gonna try to change things up in 2012, at least until I have no more credit left.
  3. Buy more new albums on vinyl. These days, most new albums that come out on vinyl come with a digital or CD copy along with the record, so I figure, why not spend a few more bucks for two copies?
  4. Get a GOOD phonograph. I’ll probably take one of the broken ones at my mom’s house and get it fixed up, because I have a cheap one from RadioShack, and the needle on that sucker is going to eventually kill the records.
  5. Maximize my time in Lawrence in regards to live shows. One of the few amazing things about Lawrence, KS, is that it has a pretty great music scene. Local, regional, and national acts come through at a pretty good rate (especially for Kansas), and I’ve seen a bunch of shows already, but since I’m going to be starting my last semester of graduate school at the University of Kansas, I have 4-5 months to enjoy living 5 minutes away from 4 great venues. Already have two lined up: the Head and the Heart and Galactic.
  6. Continue this blog for another year. Hopefully this won’t be too hard, but we shall see. I will (hopefully) be finding a job and moving, so who knows what I will be doing in a year.
  7. Wherever I end up living, join a band. I need to have some sort of musical outlet or else I get depressed. I was lucky to join New Inhabitants when I moved to Kansas, and even though we don’t practice on a regular basis, just being able to play a few times a month is enough.
  8. If the world does end on December 21st, listen to Dulicnea while it happens. If you read my post on the album, you’ll know why.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog on a regular basis, and I hope you all had a wonderful 2011 and will have an even better 2012. If the world does devolve into total chaos, just remember that roving bands of psychos can maim and kill your physical being, but they can never take away your taste in music!


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